A Christmas ReUnion…

Source: A Christmas ReUnion…

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Where is the world’s best Island sitting?

Source: Where is the world’s best Island sitting?

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A Flower so Huge!

Source: A Flower so Huge!

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Tony Martin shows off gruesome Tour de France wounds


2012 Olympic silver medalist Tony Martin rides on with a little less skin in the Tour de France after being briefly knocked unconscious after a crash seven days ago.

A picture was posted of the German, runner-up to Bradley Wiggins in the London time trial, and went viral overnight Friday to Saturday. He suffered a bruised lung, among other injuries, on that opening stage crash on June 29.

Leading German sports newspaper Bild ran the photo (WARNING: Graphic) with a headline translated to, “The wounds Tony travels the Tour with.”

Martin needs two helpers to get his jersey off after each stage and can’t sleep on his back, according to Bild.

Martin is likely soldiering on with his eye on the individual time trial on Wednesday, especially because three of the world’s best time trial riders won’t be competing.

2012 Olympic champ Wiggins skipped the Tour due to injury…

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21st Century Citizen

Whether I like it or not, I belong to this age by a stroke of fate when God brought me out to this world.I can’t complain.Life develops in stages from the primitive times to the present. Probably, it would interest me to be living in the future when space travel or traveling to planet Mars would just be like ordinarily booking a flight…

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Hi All! Good day!

This blogsite will be hibernating for some time.May I refer you to cliffhanger corner(likeablefellow.wordpress.com).

Many Many thanks!

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Howdy! This site is a continuation of my posts and write ups at  cliffhanger corner(likeablefellow.wordpress.com) which is no longer accessible for unknown reasons. I will continue scribbling blogs – so watch out for my coming materials.Thank you and have an awesome day!

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My loved ones

Fine dining in Muscat

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Hello my fellow bloggers,friends and viewers





“Obedience carries us all the way through even to the most impenetrable wall of the unknown and darkness that leads to truth”.– by Manny Estera

“If the grass looks greener at the other side of the fence, it’s probably because it is artificial turf”-Anonymous

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